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March 9, 20180

When we deal with a hard decision, it will make us feel relieved to think that if we can get the right information and use the right analysis, we can make the right decision.

However, the big problems usually they are not in white and black and the tools and techniques, don’t provide us the answers that we need. We also need empathy.


March 8, 20180

According to the research of “Competitive Factors and Financial Analysis on the Family Business” recently presented a 60% of family business quit the distribution of dividend and they rather reinvest the benefits with the objective of surviving in the half and long haul. Specially now, that the crisis seems to be forgotten and the growing of benefits is between the 10% and a 5,3% of the improvement of the employment generated.


March 7, 20180

Procrastination: a problem of the entrepreneur that can reduce our productivity

Do not put off until tomorrow what you can accomplish today, it’s what praises the famous English saying, and it is damn right. And it’s just that the procrastination is one of the biggest problems that the workers and entrepreneurs suffer on its daily life. From Latin procrastinare, it is divided between pro, forward, and castinare, referring to the future; it is about the delay of assignments or activities that must be attended in a certain moment and that in some cases they are completely left to a side.


March 6, 20180

If you had invested in cryptocurrencies, you certainly use any tool in order to keep a record of your portfolio. Delta is one if the best options to do it, and now that they have just launched their version for Windows, macOS and Linux.
Until now, it was an app that was only available for Android and iOS, betting for a very clear interface that is very easy to use. From today we can access to the desktop version and make sure how this market fluctuates on real time.


March 5, 20180

There is no doubt that establishing objectives is pretty simple. However, to achieve them is something different. If you want your resolutions to stay the same over time so that you can achieve your goals you have to keep in mind how to accomplish it.

This means that you have to be committed with the goals to be achieved and to set up objectives that take advantage of your existent skills in order to move forward your organization and your career.