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scottMarch 6, 20180

If you had invested in cryptocurrencies, you certainly use any tool in order to keep a record of your portfolio. Delta is one if the best options to do it, and now that they have just launched their version for Windows, macOS and Linux.
Until now, it was an app that was only available for Android and iOS, betting for a very clear interface that is very easy to use. From today we can access to the desktop version and make sure how this market fluctuates on real time.


Synchronizing between devices

One of Delta’s strong spots is that you can keep synchronized your portfolio through different devices. To use the desktop app, first you will need to create an account in any of the mobile apps.
In order to synchronize your data, you will have to open the Android or iOS app, go to Settings and then hit the “Sync Data” option. Once you’re there it will asks us to scan the QR code that will show on screen of the device that we want to copy our information.

The limit is five different devices, but we can only have synchronized two for free. If we want to add more than two devices we will have to pay for a premium subscription. For only 8,49 euro per month we have the option of creating several portfolios, exclusive access to new functionalities and to synchronize everything with a maximum of five devices.

The functionality it is pretty simple and there exists two different tabs: one where is summed up our portfolio and the other tab where we can add the virtual coins that we want to keep following. Doing click on the “+” button will give us the option of adding one cryptocurrency, where you can find later through the full name or the acronyms.
In the principal tab (our portfolio), by adding a new currency, we can specify where we buy it, what currency we use to do the exchange, if they charge us with taxes, etc. In this way, we can have a quick glance if we have lost or earned money.

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