Small actions that help us in our goals

scottMarch 5, 20180

There is no doubt that establishing objectives is pretty simple. However, to achieve them is something different. If you want your resolutions to stay the same over time so that you can achieve your goals you have to keep in mind how to accomplish it.

This means that you have to be committed with the goals to be achieved and to set up objectives that take advantage of your existent skills in order to move forward your organization and your career.

These objectives must become public, that is to say, do not be afraid of sharing them with the people around you, bosses, mates, exposing it on our reports, or even, in your family circle.


A plan of action

Also, is essential to define a plan of action, thinking in the tactic to use, step by step. In general, the goals are common, which is convenient to surround ourselves with the people that can support us whenever it’s needed like congratulating us if the circumstances allow it.

As time goes by, the motivation can drop, that is why the establishing of milestones can act as regular signals that reinforce what we are looking for.

In any case, what should be avoided at all costs, is to be overwhelmed for a long list of goals, it is convenient to focus in no more than three goals at the same time. On the other hand, you have to be ready to fail, even if you have set up goals that you can reasonably achieve. Also, we have to be demanding with the realization of the established deadlines, just like, to recognize when something that has been made is not good enough.

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