The importance of the empathy in hard decisions

scottMarch 9, 20180

When we deal with a hard decision, it will make us feel relieved to think that if we can get the right information and use the right analysis, we can make the right decision.

However, the big problems usually they are not in white and black and the tools and techniques, don’t provide us the answers that we need. We also need empathy.

To be in the other person’s shoes that are affected by the outcome of our decisions, as employees, clients, etc., will allow us to increase our field of vision and the perspective in the moment of taking a decision.

If we consider what we would really like if we were in other person’s situation, questioning ourselves what we would be thinking and feeling if we were between the most affected people because of this decision. If you’re not sure, communicate with these people or with people that can represent their experience in a concrete and direct way.

If you’re taking this decision with a group, which is what usually happens in difficult circumstances, it is convenient that one of the assistants can play the role of the affected person because of the decision, in the most persuasive way, so that the assistants can hear at least one version of the needs from the people that are affected by our decision.

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